Stephen Hawking’s Universe

Many of us have heard about Stephen Hawking. Professor Stephen William Hawking were among the usual humans until he started feeling difficulty in doing small jobs. On medical examination, doctors said that he was suffering from amyotrophic lateral sclerosis or motor nerve disorder. Doctors gave him a life expectancy of two years. It wasn’t the disease that made him extraordinary it was the way how he changed himself after this.  He amazed everyone by living more than the doctors had expected him to survive. Hawking graduated from Cambridge and saw the work of famous mathematician Robert Penrose. Along with him Hawking explained how a singularity could be the start of the BIG BANG. He pursued his work in Big Bang Theory and Gravitational Singularity  theorems.  Hawking was the first to unify the theory of the small(Quantum Mechanics) and the theory of the big(General Theory of Relativity). He proposed the four laws of black holes with the help of laws of thermodynamics. He did a lot of work on black holes and found about black hole radiations which are now known as Hawking radiation. Right now he is working on the most fascinating topic in the field of theoretical physics-GRAND UNIFIED THEORY. This theory right now just lacks the understanding of the working of gravity in the quantum world. Stephen Hawking always loved the way how Einstein explained this universe. Even his disease couldn’t stop him from unveiling the deep mysteries of the universe.


One thought on “Stephen Hawking’s Universe

  1. Stephen Hawking is certainly an amazing being. Aside from all the wisdom he has given us, he has shown us what can be accomplished in a situation that would seem hopeless to others.


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