Decoding the Universe – The Great Math Mystery(PART-1)

We live in a age of astonishing advances. Engineers can land a car-sized rover on Mars, physicists probe the essence of all matter while we communicate wirelessly on a vast world wide network. But underlying all of these modern wonders is something deep and mysteriously powerful, its been called the language of the universe and perhaps it is civilization’s greatest achievement, its name MATHEMATICS.

But where does mathematics come from? Why in Science it works so well? Albert Einstein wondered how is it possible that mathematics works so well in explaining the universe as we see. Is mathematics limited to humans and is it the key to the Cosmos? Our physical world doesn’t just have some mathematical properties but it has only mathematical properties. THE GREAT MATH MYSTERY.

Human beings have always looked at the nature and searched for patterns. Years ago we gazed at the stars and discovered patterns, we call constellations, even coming to believe they might even control our destiny. We watched the days turn to night and back to day and seasons as they come and go and called their pattern TIME.

We see symmetrical patterns in human body and the tiger’s stripes and built those patterns into what we create from art to our cities. But what patterns tell us. Why should the spiral shape of a shell be so similar to the spiral shape of a galaxy. When scientists seek to understand the patterns of our world. They often turn to a powerful tool mathematics. They quantify their observations and use mathematical techniques to examine hoping to discover the underlying causes of nature’s rhythm and regularities.

And it worked revealing the secret behind the elliptical orbits of planets to the electromagnetic waves that connect our cellphones. Mathematics has even guided the way, leaving us right down to the subatomic building blocks of matter. Which raises the question why does it work at all. Is there an inherent mathematical nature to reality or is mathematics all in our head.


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