In my mind I am free, free to explore the deepest mysteries of the universe. Among them the deepest of all; is there a God to create and control the universe, from the stars and the planets, to you and me. Finding out takes us on through the journey to the laws of nature. For there I think lies the answer to the age-old mystery of how the universe was made and how it really works. CHECK IT OUT.

For me asking if God exists is a valid question for science. After all it is hard to think of more important and fundamental mystery than what or who created and controls the universe. Long ago the answer was almost always the same. Gods made everything. The world was a scary place, even people as tough as the Vikings believed in supernatural beings make sense of natural phenomenon like lightning or storms.

The Vikings had many different Gods. Thor was the God of Lightning. But the God they feared the most was responsible for the terrifying natural event that we now call a solar eclipse. He was a wolf God who lived in the sky. Sometimes he would eat the Sun, causing the dreadful moment when day turned to night. Without a scientific explanation, imagine how disturbing it would have been to see the Sun vanish.

The Vikings responded in the only way that made sense to them. They tried to scare away the wolf. The Vikings believed that their actions caused the Sun to return. Of course, we now know that they had nothing to do with it, the Sun would have reappeared anyway. It turns out that the universe is not as supernatural or mysterious as it seems, but it takes more courage than even the Vikings had to discover the truth.

Mere mortals like you and I can understand how the universe works. This is was realized long before the Vikings, in ancient Greece. In about 300 B.C., a philosopher called Aristotle was fascinated by eclipses too, especially eclipses the moon. He was brave enough to question whether they were really caused God. Aristotle was a true scientific pioneer. He studied the heavens carefully and reached a bold conclusion. He realized that the eclipse was actually the shadow of the Earth passing over the moon and not a divine event.



Liberated by this discovery he was able to work out what was really going on above his head and draw diagrams that showed the true relationship of the Sun, the Earth and the moon. From there he reached even more remarkable conclusions. He deduced that the Earth was not the centre of the universe, as everyone had thought, but instead orbits the Sun. In fact understanding this event explains all eclipses. When the moon casts its shadow on the Earth that’s a Solar Eclipse and when the Earth shades the moon that’s a Lunar Eclipse.

But Aristotle took it even further. He suggested that the stars were not shrinks in the floor of heaven as it is contemporary but the stars were other Suns like ours but only a long way away. What a stunning realization it must have been. The universe is a machine governed by principles or laws. Laws that can be understood by the human mind. I believe that the discovery of these laws has been human kind’s greatest achievement. For instance, the laws of nature as we now call them will tell us that we need a God to explain the universe at all.


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