Ch-5 The Negative Energy

So where did all this energy and space come from. The answer was found after decades of work by scientists. Space and Energy were spontaneously created in an event we now call THE BIG BANG. At the moment of the Big Bang an entire universe, full of energy, came into existence and with it space. It all inflated just like a balloon been blown up. So where did all this energy and space come from. How does  an entire universe full of energy, the awesome vastness of space and everything in it simply appear out of nothing. For some this is where God comes back into the picture. It was God that created the energy and space, the Big Bang was the moment of creation. But science tells a different story.

I think we can understand far more than the natural phenomena that terrified the Vikings. We can even go beyond the beautiful symmetry of matter and energy discovered by Einstein. We can use the laws of nature to grasp the very origins of the universe and discover the existence of a God is the only way to explain it. After the second World War, it was a time when people were taught that we get nothing from something. But now after a lifetime of work by some scientists I think we can get a whole universe for free.

The great mystery at the heart of the Big Bang  is to explain how an entire fantastically enormous universe of space and energy could materialize out of nothing. The secret lies in one of the strangest facts about our Cosmos. The laws of physics demand the existence of something called negative energy. To get your head around this weird but crucial concept. Let me draw a simple analogy.

Imagine a man wants to build a hill on a flat piece of land . The hill will represent the universe. To make this hill he digs a hole in the ground and uses that soil to build his hill. But of course he is not just making a hill he is also making a hole in effect a negative version of the hill. The stuff that was in the hole has now become the hill so it all perfectly balances out. This is the principle what happened right at the beginning of the universe. When the Big Bang produced a vast amount of positive energy it simultaneously produced the same amount of negative energy. In this way the positive and the negative add up to zero always. It’s another law of nature.


So where is all this negative energy today. It’s in the third ingredient in our cosmic cookbook. It’s in space. This may sound odd. But according to the laws of nature concerning gravity and motion, laws that are among the oldest in Science, the space itself is is a vast store of negative energy enough to ensure that everything adds up to zero. I’ll admit unless mathematics is your thing this is hard to grasp but it’s true. The endless web of billions upon billions of galaxies each pulling on one another by the force of gravity acts like a giant storage device. The universe is like an enormous battery storing negative energy.

The positive side of things, the mass and the energy that we see today, is like the hill. The corresponding hole or negative side of things is spread throughout space. So what does that means on our quest to find out that if there is a God. It means that the universe adds up to nothing then you don’t need a God to create it. The universe is the ultimate free lunch.

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