Ch-6 Unlocking the mystery

Since we know that the positive and negative in the universe adds up to zero all we have to do now is workout what or there I say who triggered the whole process in the first place. What could cause the spontaneous appearance of the universe. At first it seems a baffling problem. After all […]

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Ch-5 The Negative Energy

So where did all this energy and space come from. The answer was found after decades of work by scientists. Space and Energy were spontaneously created in an event we now call THE BIG BANG. At the moment of the Big Bang an entire universe, full of energy, came into existence and with it space. […]

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Ch-4 The Three Ingredients

I am glad to say, I for once haven’t followed Pope’s advice. I can’t simply switch off my curiosity. I believe it’s what cosmologist to be, to try and work out from where the universe came from. Luckily it’s not quite as difficult as it seems. Despite the complexity and variety of the universe it […]

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Ch-3 Science and Religion

The contradiction between science and religion is actually an ancient conflict. Back in 1277, Pope  John 21 felt so threatened by the idea of laws of nature that he decreed them a harass. Unfortunately, that did nothing to change the law governing the gravity. A few moths later the palace roof collapsed and fell on […]

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